Saturday, 28 April 2012


It is now the final run up to our final major hand in and I was starting to get into a sticky situation. That was until I got into the darkroom and started to print my prints up....panic over...I was able to look at them properly and was pleased with the results. A successful critique with my tutors and guest Patrick Myles and it has strengthened my confidence in the project and enabled me to push on in developing my final results. I am looking forward to the final results so keep an eye out for their soon to be appearance on here :)

Here is a sneaky peek into the kind of work I have been developing....

Monday, 16 April 2012

Different subject matters

For a day my chosen subject matter drastically changed, as I entered into a complete new territory... Colchester Zoo. Watching the animals and their habits became something that I was fascinated by, and being able to feed an elephant definitely topped my day off!

It was nice to be able to take photographs for fun, and not with a project in mind!

Friday, 6 April 2012


I felt it was high time I focused on the photographers that are constantly influencing me and the way in which I produce my work. This is the time to announce my absolute love of Nigel Shafran and just about every photograph he takes!
I am drawn to his photographs every time I start a new project, it's the calm domesticity of them all, the focus being on everyday occurrences that one can relate to no matter who they are. The objects that are seen to most as banal and everyday things, become something of beauty and importance.