Wednesday, 7 March 2012

project dilemas

FMP- still in the experimenting stage and at the moment I have two ideas that are going completely different ways.
The first is to photograph an emptied surface in the house, are the objects that were removed from the scene important when creating a representation of their owner? do the objects need to be in the picture to tell a story, how effective is the absence of the objects within the photograph?
This next idea is based around Nigel Shafran and his interest in the way other people order and stack their things, almost creating sculptural forms made up of domestic things. ' We take pleasure from the arrangement of ordinary things'. This photograph is about the chaos of the everyday life surrounding this vase of flowers. The owner has placed this vase with a purpose, they want to create serenity and beauty within the room. Is the vase hidden amongst the everyday items, lost into the mix of the over looked items. Shafran says that 'how we place things can be telling of how and what we are', so does the placing of this vase represent the character of the occupant?

I guess I am writing this post because I am confused as to where I am going with this project, maybe writing it down will help me to discover what I am looking for!

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